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    Staff Application - Kronus


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    Staff Application - Kronus Empty Staff Application - Kronus

    Post  Kronus Wed Jun 01, 2011 5:30 pm

    Title: GM/CSR or one of the sort. Application - Kronus

    Why do you want this position?

    Because i think i can help this server grow and become one of the best. And i have lots of free time to use on helping the server.

    What Experience do you have in this position?

    I have been staff on many private servers over the last few years for many different games.

    What are your Strengths?

    I would say my strengths are how i handle and diffuse bad situations, and can answer every question even if i do not know the answer i will find it for players.
    I do my best and players happiness is my first priority.

    What are your Weaknessess?

    I think any weakness i did have has been ironed out in the time i have previously spent as staff, however nobody is perfect. All i can do is try my very best.

    What unique qualities can you bring to this server?:

    I think my unique qualities would be my ability to stay calm and sort out any extreme problems players may have. this goes well with my patience and laid back attitude.

    I also used to do graphic design for my previous servers, things like signatures and banners. here are some examples of what i can create:

    Staff Application - Kronus TesaBanner-1

    Staff Application - Kronus Neonline-1

    Staff Application - Kronus Warborn1

    Staff Application - Kronus Number9-1

    Ive posted more on the artwork section.

    Skype Username: kronuus

    Thnx for reading. Smile


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